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Estate of a Baden-Baden based medical doctor & House "Fliederhof", Dresden

Houses tell interesting stories… So do the two estates that make up an important part of the sale on September 15th , 2017 at K&K-Auktions in Heidelberg. The portrait of Sophie Margharete Schuncke, wife of Prof. Julius Schuncke dating 1909 was painted by Albert Haueisen (estimate € 800-1000,-/ reserve price € 350,-). Prof. Schuncke, 1855–1922, chemist at the BASF, was a member of a family of musicians and their estate called "Villa Fliederhof" in Dresden-Blasewitz hosted many musicians and artist, among these Rachmaninoff (see also silver beaker with dedication). One would love to know which records Mrs. Schuncke liked best when they played the Polyphon no. 54, "Mikado" made in Leipzig about 1895 (estimate € 6000-9000,-/ reserve price € 3000,-). The portraits of the Frankfurt based couple Jean Noé du Fay and his wife Amélie du Fay dating 1821 painted by Carl Wilhelm Tischbein, 1797–1855 are just as intriguing (estimate 8000-10.000,-/ reserve price € 3.800,-). Did Mr. du Fay take out this fine Stobwasser tabacco tin depicting the Byzantine general Belisar, after a painting by Jacques-Louis David, 1784 in the evenings in front of the fireplace to take a snuff (estimate € 800-1.200,-/ reserve price € 350,-)?
We get a wonderful glimpse into everyday life of the late 19th century in the painting by Julius Fehr, showing an old man with his luggage and supplies at a train station in Württemberg inspecting the departure timetable – all details are indicated (estimate 1.500-1.800,-/ reserve price € 500,-).
There are other great names among old fine arts like Adolf Dressler, James Ensor, Camille Corot, Louis Hoguet, Cuno Freiherr von Bodenhausen et al.

Two tempera paintings by Willi Baumeister dating 1952/53 (stimate € 7000-9000,-/ reserve prices: € 1.900,-/ 2.500,-) and the estate of his student Elisabeth Bieneck-Roos place an emphasis in the modern art section. Bieneck-Roos attended the Art Academy at Stutgart in 1947–52. Her oevre can be assigned to the New Realism movement, becoming more abstract over the years, favoring industrial and technical themes (Lots 86–120, see also her correspondence with Baumeister lot 82).
The gestural abstract composition Afro Basaldella, 1912–1976, dating 1964 (estimate 9.000-10.000,-/ reserve price € 3.800,-) and the seven piece photographic series "Hausschlachtung Pfalz 1963 (homeslaughtering in Electorate Palatine 1963)" by Robert Häusser are among the highlights of modern art (estimate € 9.000-10.000,-/ reserve price € 2.900,-).

Some rare porcelain paintings should be mentioned: "Menaka" after August Riedel, dating 1852, another after Tiziano of the mid 19th century and still another showing a young lady by KPM about 1880/1900, all in frame. Also quite rare and in a good condition is an Empire coffee set by Meissen (estimate € 3.000-3.500.-/ reserve price € 600,-).

Collectors of Art Nouveau will be delighted by the fine glass pieces this time: the cameo vase with an autumnal landscape, signed BS about 1905, the large vase with a fig and lizard in pate-de-verre about 1920, both by Daum, Nancy (estimates 1.200-2.500,-/ reserve prices € 400,-/ 900,-) and the vase "Halbrans" by Schneider, Epinay-sur-Seine, 1924-27 (800-1.200,-/ reserve price € 350,-) are fascinating. So is the pottery vase "Grande Vaso" by Guido Gambone about 1960 (estimate € 900-1.200,-/ reserve price € 450,-).

There is a great offer of toys in the sale: a collection of Märklin trains and equipment of the 20ies and 30ies, military toys of II. WW by Bub, Tipp, Lineol, Elastolin and Hausser et al.

The Chinese Qing Period six folded folding screen with "Bogu" decoration about 1900 is a rare antique. On black lacquer, the folds are symmetrically jeweled with "100 antiques" in jade, other gems and ivory (estimate € 6.000-7.000,-/ reserve price € 2.500,-).

In the archaeological sector, the sale includes a great collections of Pre-Columbian pottery, figurines and objects from South und Central America. (lots 597–614).
And like always beautiful jewellery, lots of silverware, porcelains and pottery, collectors items, Africana and many more are on the sale.

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